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We Need Your Support!

The Garrison Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization (Garrison PTO Tax ID Number: 46-3561818).


We are committed to fostering connections and engagement among Garrison’s families, staff, and students. Our vision is for a school where all students feel loved, challenged, and successful and where all families feel welcome, informed, and valued, regardless of family structure, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, or culture.


As we work to make this vision a reality, we need your help more than ever. But first, please know the Garrison PTO does not charge membership dues. We appreciate every contribution and value whatever form of participation is right for you and your family.

If you're able to support the PTO financially, we would greatly appreciate it! Please consider donating using the preferred adjacent PayPal form, visiting the Donation page on the Garrison PTO store, or with a check made payable to "Garrison Elementary PTO." For those able, we suggest a $500 (per student) contribution.


All Garrison PTO donations are tax deductible, and every donation counts and is appreciated no matter how big or small:


  • $50 -- Support appreciation efforts for one teacher or staff member

  • $100 -- Support refreshments for 5 students & families at Garrison events

  • $500 -- Support one classroom's school supplies

  • $1,000 -- Support one class field trip


(Don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they offer a matching grant program to double or even triple the amount of your contribution!)


If you experience any problems submitting an online payment, prefer to submit a check, or have any other PTO-related questions or concerns, please email:

Other Donation Options:

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Garrison PTO Budget (2023-2024)


PTO Testimonials

“Because of the PTO’s support, all our K-5 teachers were able to complete a nationally-recognized 2-year training program that is making a huge impact in our early literacy efforts. We have been recognized as a DCPS Early Literacy Inspirational Site, and other schools have visited Garrison to learn more and replicate our programs. There’s a lot of red tape to get DCPS to fund these kinds of efforts, which can cause us to miss out completely, so we really value the PTO’s ability to make this vital literacy work possible.”


     — Kate Noonan, Garrison K-5 ELA Instructional Coach

“PTO is the backbone of our school community. They provide so much support for our classrooms and for our students. The reason I have the diverse, rich, and beautiful library I have in the 5th grade ELA room is because of the money PTO raised to fund it. They also provided funding for the 5th grade trip to Launch Trampoline Park at the end of the school year. Our students deserve all of this and more, and it would not be possible without the PTO’s generosity.”


     — Emma Bechill, 5th Grade ELA Teacher

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